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Wodecy fastener company founded in 1992.We specialized in design, manufacturing and sales of various rivets and insert nut. With the last thirty years development, Wodecy is become a leading blind rivets supplier and have the largest rivets production base in the north of china. Our factory cover the area of 60,000 square meters and have more than 150 sets advanced equipment from Italy and Taiwan.

  • structural cup type rivet

    The cup-shaped stainless steel rivet combines the advantages of many rivets. It has high tensile and shear resistance, sealing and shockproof functions. It has high riveting strength, wide riveting range and strong lock core ability. It provides a very powerful vibration joint connection and is s...
  • The difference of monobolt rivet and inte...

    S-Lock rivet, also known as cup-type blind rivets, are structural blind rivets. After riveting, the broken part of the nail core will be flanged into the groove of the rivet body to lock the nail core. Internal locking brushed rivets and external locking brushed rivets have little difference fro...
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