Flat Head Round Body Open End Rivet Nut with Knurls

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• High efficiency, low cost
• High quality, high load
• Unilateral installation
• No damage to the workpiece

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    Material Aluminum Steel Stainless Steel
    Finish Polished Zine Plated Polished


    blind rivet nut
    rivet nut
    CODE Size
    Grap Range
    FM3 FM3R M3 0.5~2.0 4.5 5 5 7 0.8 8.8
    FM4 FM4R M4 0.5~2.0 6.0 6 6 9 0.8 10.8
    FM5 FM5R M5 0.5~2.5 7.0 7 7 10 1.0 13.0
    FM6 FM6R M6 0.5~3.0 8.5 9 9 13 1.5 15.0
    FM8 FM8R M8 0.5~3.5 11.0 11 11 15 1.5 18.0
    FM10 FM10R M10 0.5~3.5 12.0 13 13 17 1.8 20.3
    FM12 FM12R M12 0.5~3.5 16.0 15 15 19 1.8 24.3


    Rivet nuts, also known as insert nuts and blind rivet nut, are developed to solve the shortcomings of metal thin plates, thin tube welding nuts, easy welding and deformation of the substrate, and the internal threads are developed. Welding nuts, high riveting firm efficiency, convenient use. If the nuts of a certain product need to be installed outside, and the space inside is small, when the head of the riveting machine cannot enter the pressure riveting and pumping, the strength requirements cannot meet the intensity requirements. Must be riveted. Rivet nuts are suitable for the tightening field of various thickness plates and pipes (0.5mm-6mm). The use of pneumatic or manual rivet nut guns can be riveted at one time, which is convenient and solid, replacing traditional welding nuts, making up for metal thin plates, thin tube welding and easy melting, welding nuts are not smooth.
    The material of the rivet nut is mainly low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy , copper, etc.

    There are flat head, thin head, reduced head, hexagonal, half hexagonal, csk head and closed end rivet nuts.
    Rivet nuts are mainly used in non structural bearing bolts, such as rail passenger cars, highway passenger cars, boats, and other interior parts. The improved rivet nuts that can prevent spin can be better than airplanes. The weight is lighter. You don’t need to fix the thread of the rivet in advance. There is no operating space on the back of the substrate that can be used.

    rivet nuts

    It is mainly used in the tight fields of various types of metal plates, pipes and other manufacturing industries, and is widely used in the assembly of mechanical and electrical and light industrial products such as automobiles, aviation, railway, refrigeration, elevators, switches, instruments, furniture, decoration, etc.

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