High Strength Structural Blind Rivets 4.8mm,6.4mm Steel Monobolt Rivets

Short Description:

• High tensile strength
• High efficiency riveting, connections tightness
• Beautiful appearance, high physical properties
• Wide range of applications

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Body Aluminum Steel ● Stainless steel
Finish Polished Zine Plated Natural
Mandrel Aluminum Steel ● Stainless steel
Finish Polished Zine Plated Natural
Head Type Dome, CSK


outer lock cup type rivet
Size Drill Part No. M Grip Range B K E X Shear Tensile PULL
max max max max max KN KN N
SS71-4810 18.2 1.63-6.86 10.1 2.1 2.9 2.9 5.8 4.1 ≥ 445
SS71-4814 24.4 1.63-11.10 10.1 2.1 2.9 2.9 5.8 4.1 ≥ 445
( 1/4 ")
SS71-6414 23.7 2.03-9.53 13.3 2.9 3.9 3.7 10.5 8.0 ≥ 1112
SS71-6419 32.9 2.03-15.87 13.3 2.9 3.9 3.7 10.5 8.0 ≥ 1112


Monobolt rivet is a structural rivets, monobolt rivet with good performance in holes filled, air tightness, high riveting intensity. monobolt rivets can be used in the field of higher surface requirements, riveting high strength requirements, a higher sealing performance requirements .

Monobolt rivet structure: rivet body, the mandrel.
Physical parameters: temperature resistance: 500 ℃
Features: Double locking function, there is a certain degree of closure, high tensile shear strength.

Working principle: Monobolt is a kind of structure unique, high strength metal links riveting pieces, is a new type fastener. monobolt rivet mandrel is pulled into the rivet body after the rivet gun dedicated tip - circumcision (convex) tip under the action of the mandrel breakage at will into the rivet body flange groove formed "mechanical lock" locking nail heart.
Applications: automotive, marine, electrical, elevators, containers, machinery, construction, electronics, aviation industry and other fields.

monobolt rivet

Interlock rivets and outerLock rivets differences are as follows:

Monobolt is a major of most structural Rivets, it has a double locking function and role of the closure, after riveting lock mandrel to form a high tensile shear strength of the rivet body inside. monobolt rivets ,rivet body material of aluminum, steel and stainless steel products are mainly used in aviation manufacturing industry. Monobolt including inner and outer lock rivets. monobolt rivets, also known as cup-type blind rivets, blind rivets structural belong, after the rivet mandrel breakage at will into the rivet body flange within the recess, the locking nail heart.

Interlock rivets and outer Lock from the surface not too much different, mechanical properties are basically the same, the main structure is different locking rivet after the general conditions in the conventiona, innerlock rivets common rivet gun can be used, outer Lock It requires matching the corresponding rivet rivet gun.

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