Pneumatic Blind Rivet Gun

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• Stable and durable
• Fast and powerful
• Quick change
• Light body

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pneumatic riveter
pneumatic rivet tool
Type Weight Height Length Stroke Air


Pull Force Air Con. Capacity Except For
Pro-1600XT1 1.12kg 238mm 291mm 18mm 5.0-7.0 bar 4850N 60L/min 2.4-4.0 4.0(sst)
Pro-2500XT2 1.44kg 270mm 300mm 18mm 5.0-7.0 bar 9400N 70L/min 3.2-4.8 4.8(sst)
Pro-2700XT3 1.58kg 281mm 300mm 20mm 5.0-7.0 bar 11800N 75L/min 4.0-6.4 6.4(sst)
Pro-3400XT4 2.28kg 327mm 327mm 26mm 5.0-7.0 bar 18500N 80L/min 4.8-6.4 /


Rivet guns are divided into pneumatic rivet gun, electric rivet gun, and manual rivet gun. Pneumatic rivet guns, also known as pneumatic blind rivet tool, pneumatic blind rivet gun, riveters, saying differently. It is the excellent riveting special tool in China at this stage.

At this stage, pneumatic rivet guns are also divided into three types:
1. Pure air rivet gun, low price, but not convenient maintenance!
2. Pneumatic steam rivet guns are more common. The market is generally full of such styles to pull rivet guns for convenient maintenance!
3. Separate pneumatic steam pressure rivet gun, fixed and unwintering actual operation, large anti -tensile capacity, faster speed

The common problems and solutions of rivet guns below:

First, The blind rivet cannot be inserted
Cause: 1. The spacing is not adjusted, and the front paw has not been stretched out; 2. The gun head is not selected right; 3. The broken nail core has not fallen; 4. There is a hair edge of the two parts of the exit of the gun head and the top core import.

Exclusion method: 1. Relative adjustment in accordance with regulations; 2. Replace the relatively good gun head; 3. Full disassembly of the gun head position, disassemble and replace the gun head.

Second, the core rivet continues
Cause: 1. Three -claw damage; 2. The fuel consumption of liquid in the hydraulic cylinder; 3. The working pressure of the pneumatic valve is less than the standard value.
Exclusion method: 1. Change three claws; 2. Give oil after verification; 3. The pressure of the valve to move the valve to the standard value before actual operation.

Third, rivet guns do not catch nails
Cause: 1. Three -claw damage; 2. The head of the gun is yellow tired; 3. There is residue between the three claw lips.
Removal method: 1. Change three claws; 2. Change the head of the gun.

Fourth, There is a leakage sound in the adjustment rod seat
Cause: The "O" sealing ring on the adjustment rod is damaged.
Exclusion method: "O" sealing ring on the replacement pole seat after verification

Fifth, the gas fog from the air outlet is sprayed out
Cause: Water is dipped in air compression.
Elimination method: Put the water vapor in the water separator and compressed air pump tidy.

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