Aluminum Drive Rivet Hammer Rivet

Short Description:

• Easy operation
• High efficiency riveting
• Connections tightness
• Perfect choice of single -sided riveting

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Body Aluminum 5052
Finish Polished
Mandrel Aluminum
Finish Polished
Head Type Dome, CSK


csk hammer rivet
csk drive rivet
DxL Grip Range DxL Grip Range DxL Grip Range DxL Grip Range DxL Grip Range
3.2x5.6 2.8~3.6 4.0x5.6 2~2.8
3.2x6.4 3.6~4.4 4.0x6.4 2.8~3.6 4.8x6.4 1.2~3.6 6.4x6.4 1.2~3.6
3.2x7.1 4.4~5.2 4.0x7.1 3.6~4.4 4.8x7.1 2~4.4 6.4x7.1 2~4.4
3.2x7.9 5.2~6.0 4.0x7.9 4.4~5.2
3.2x8.7 6.0~6.8 4.0x8.7 5.2~6.0 4.8x8.7 3.6~6 6.4x8.7 3.6~6
3.2x9.5 6.8~7.5 4.0x9.5 6.0~6.8
3.2x10.3 7.5~8.3 4.0x10.3 6.8~7.5 4.8x10.3 5.2~7.5 6.4x10.3 5.2~7.5
3.2x11.1 8.3~9.1 4.0x11.1 7.5~8.3
3.2x11.9 9.1~9.9 4.0x11.9 8.3~9.1 4.8x11.9 6.8~9.1 6.4x11.9 6.8~9.1
3.2x12.7 9.9~10.7 4.0x12.7 9.1~9.9 9.5x12.7 3.2~6.4
3.2x13.5 10.7~11.5 4.0x13.5 9.9~10.7 4.8x13.5 8.3~10.7 6.4x13.5 8.3~10.7
4.0x14.3 10.7~11.5
4.0x15.1 11.5~12.3 4.8x15.1 9.9~12.3 6.4x15.1 9.9~12.3 9.5x15.1 5.5~8.7
4.0x15.9 12.3~13.1
4.0x16.7 13.1~13.9 4.8x16.7 11.5~13.9 6.4x16.7 11.5~13.9
4.0x17.5 13.9~14.7 9.5x17.5 7.9~11.1
4.0x18.3 14.7~15.5 4.8x18.3 13.1~15.5 6.4x18.3 13.1~15.5
4.0x19.1 15.5~16.3
4.8x19.8 14.7~17.1 6.4x19.8 14.7~17.1 9.5x19.8 10.3~13.5
4.8x21.4 16.3~18.7 6.4x21.4 16.3~18.7 9.5x22.2 12.7~15.9
4.8x23 17.9~20.3 6.4x23 17.9~20.3 9.5x24.6 15.1~18.3
4.8x24.6 19.4~21.8 6.4x24.6 19.4~21.8 9.5x27 17.5~20.7
4.8x26.2 21~23.4 6.4x26.2 21~23.4 9.5x29.4 19.8~23
4.8x27.8 22.6~25 6.4x27.8 22.6~25 9.5x31.8 22.2~25.4
4.8x29.4 24.2~26.6 6.4x29.4 24.2~26.6 9.5x34.1 24.6~27.8


Drive rivets are another one-sided riveting rivets, when riveting, use hammer percussion the rivet mandrel which head is exposed, so that the nail head flush with the surface, to complete the riveting operation, very convenient.Drive rivet is a very convenient new riveting fasteners, riveting in a relatively small space, or can not use the Riveter environment hit rivets can exhibit their own unique advantages.Drive rivet can be called hammer rivet or hit rivet. Use a hammer hitting nails and other artifacts on one side of the core can be connected to two or several member riveting success. Drive rivet in accordance with the shape of the head can be divided into dome head rivets and countersunk rivets, according to the combination of different materials can be divided into all aluminum drive rivets, aluminum rivets with steel mandrel, all stainless steel rivets, all steel rivets, aluminum whit stainless steel mandrel rivets, plastic rivets etc. Drive rivets can be used only need a hammer, do not like blind rivets have to be used a manual or pneumatic rivet gun. It is much better and convenience and can be widely used in a variety of connectors riveting.

Dome head drive rivet is usually used in general situations, and countersunk head drive rivet is used in situations where the surface of the riveted surface is required to be smooth after riveting. The drive rivet is usually applicable to the riveting between connectors in various guardrails, villa mobile doors, gates and other products.

Our round head drive rivet conforming to GB/T 15855.1-1995 National Standard for Flat Round Head Rivets and IFI-123 2003 American Standard for Dome Head Drive Blind Rivets and countersunk rivet conforming to GB/T 15855.2-1995 National Standard for Countersink Head Drive Blind Rivets and IFI-123 2003 American Standard for Countersink Head Drive Blind Rivets.

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