Hand Rivet Gun Manual Blind Rivet Tool Series

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• Super light brand new generation hinge tool
• The weight is 50% of the same type products
• 360 degree rotating handle
• Easy experience for riveting

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Main Technical Data Single Hand Rivet Gun Double Hand Rivet Gun STLM Hinged Blind Rivet Gun
SC 350B SSC 264 RS 64
L*W 242*75mm 442*126mm 460*125mm
Stroke 10mm 18mm 12mm
Grip Range Φ 3.2mm-Φ 5mm Φ 3.2mm-Φ 6.4mm Φ 3.2mm-Φ 6.4mm
Application All Material Blind Rivets


Rivet gun is used for fastening and riveting tools of various metal plates, pipes and other manufacturing industries. It is used for fastening and riveting various metal plates, pipes and other manufacturing industries, and widely used in riveting electromechanical and light industrial products such as elevators, switches, instruments, furniture and decoration. Riveter is developed to solve the problems of thin metal sheet and thin pipe welding nuts that are easy to melt and internal thread tapping is easy to slip. It can be riveted without tapping internal threads and welding nuts.
The manual blind rivet gun is specially used for single side riveting of pop rivets. The single hand rivet gun is suitable for occasions with low riveting force; the two hand rivet gun is suitable for occasions with high riveting force.

Use of rivet tool: if the blind rivet of a product needs to be installed outside, but the inside space is too small to allow the pressure head of the sub riveter to enter for pressure riveting and sprouting and other methods cannot meet the strength requirements, then pressure riveting and rising riveting are not feasible. Blind rivets must be used to fasten plates and pipes (0.5MM-6MM) of various thicknesses. The pneumatic or manual rivet gun can be used for one-time riveting, which is convenient and firm; It replaces the traditional welding nut and makes up for the defects of thin metal sheet, thin pipe welding fusibility, welding nut irregularity, etc.

Types of rivet guns: according to the power type, the rivet guns can be divided into electric, manual and pneumatic types, of which manual ordinary users are the most widely used, with low price and convenient operation.

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