Rivet nut solutions for the automotive industry

Lightweighting of automobiles is an effective way to save energy and reduce emissions. The most effective means of lightweighting automobiles is the application of lightweight alloy materials. At present, lightweight bodies using a variety of materials have been developed abroad, but their connection problems have become a bottleneck. Currently, the universal Spot welding connection technology cannot meet the requirements, and various new connection technologies are emerging in endlessly.

At this time, the emergence of automotive rivet nut products meets this requirement, solves the bottleneck of this connection problem, and stands out among automotive fasteners. Automotive fasteners are small in size and come in many types. They are a small link in the host assembly and are often ignored. On the surface, the output value of fasteners only accounts for a few percent of the automotive industry, but in fact they give added value to important components and automobiles. Commonly used automotive fasteners in the automotive industry include rivet nuts, rivet nuts, rivet nuts and other rivet nut fasteners. In particular, rivet nut were originally called rivet nuts and were born in 1937. After World War II, the automotive industry and others With the rapid development of the industry, the application of sheet metal has become more and more widespread. In the 1960s, the application of riveted nuts gradually increased, replacing the convenient and strong traditional welding nuts, supplementing the shortcomings of metal sheets and thin tubes that are easy to melt when welded, and the welding nuts are not smooth.

At present, rivet nuts have an increasing share in the automotive industry and play a role in connection reinforcement and stabilization in the main automobile packages. In addition, rivet nuts have the functions of being light in weight, not easily deformed, and capable of single-sided riveting, achieving the effect of lightweighting automobiles and playing an important role in energy conservation and emission reduction. In addition, the rivet nut is surface treated during the process. After surface treatment, it can show a more beautiful appearance and its own anti-corrosion ability is also improved.

half hex rivet nut

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Post time: Feb-28-2024