working principles of bulb rivets

Lantern rivets are special blind rivets processed by a special process. After riveting, the nail cap becomes lantern-shaped, hence the name lantern rivet.

lantern rivets can be called tri fold rivet or bulb rivet also

1. Working principle of lantern rivets: During installation and use, the riveting forms a lantern shape, forming three large folding feet, increasing the riveting area, distributing the riveting surface load, and making riveting holes or irregular holes or brittle or soft materials.

2. Waterproof and anti-corrosion: The waterproof bulb rivet has a waterproof design and a rubber gasket is added during use to prevent water intrusion under the rivet cap and exert a good waterproof effect. The all-aluminum structure determines the corrosion resistance of the bulb type rivets.

3. High intensity: Another advantage of lantern rivets is that the nail core is locked. The other nail cores increase the strength of the rivet. Double drum rivets are not easy to break when cutting.

4.Riveting materials: Some materials and other fasteners cannot be riveted, but lantern rivets can be widely used. During use, the tri fold pop rivet forms three folding feet that disperse the clamping force of the rivet across the riveting surface. This characteristic makes lantern blind rivets widely used in wood products, glass, plastic products, rubber, car dashboards, car exhaust systems, light boxes, etc. The materials are fragile and soft and will not damage the riveting materials.

5.Riveting range: tri-fold rivets feature a wide riveting range. The rivets can rivet materials of various thicknesses, reducing the specifications and types of multi-grip rivets and making them easy to use.

6. Appearance selection: Lantern rivets are also available in a variety of head styles. Blind rivet manufacturers include round heads. Flat head,large flange head and countersunk head.

7. Material selection: Bulb type rivets Aluminum alloy is generally used for structural bulb rivet (such as 5050, 5052, 5154, 5056).

Post time: Mar-11-2024